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Australia's most comfortable work pants.

Australia's most comfortable work pants by Form Workwear. Our range of cuffed work pants are made by tradies for tradies.

7 Reasons Tradies Love Our Work Shorts and You Will Too:

  1. They're Australia's most comfortable work shorts by Form Workwear.
  2. Our stretchy work shorts are built for on-site, not catwalks.
  3. The reverse engineered canvas is made tough to outlast your diamond tip drill bit.
  4. We flipped the material so the soft side is against your skin.
  5. These pants look good enough to wear to an upmarket pub after a hard days work. 
  6. The stiching is reinforced so the waist is long-lasting elastic so you can wear them exactly where they're most comfortable for you.
  7. The utility pockets are perfect for things like gloves and drill bits.